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Speakers That Rock - Sisukestev õpe lapsevanemale :: Speakers That Rock Matemaatika, füüsika, ajalugu, inimeseõpetus jne. Kõik selleks et abistada õppijat.Speakers That Rock,Matemaatika, ekool, e-kool, füüsika, ajalugu, seks, abort

Speakers That Rock

New shapes and cool technology make outdoor speakers a special treat.

Tired of the boring barbecue? Chances are, your guests are too. One way to pump up the excitement this season is with weatherproof speakers that not only sound great, but blend in well with the surroundings.

Outdoor speakers are in no way new, but this year companies are finding ways to make more of your garden, deck or pool area with speakers that offer omnidirectional sound, much slimmer enclosures, stainless steel, antirust bodies and, of course, all kinds of fun shapes. Here are our top choices from six speaker companies--from high-end to simple.

JBL Consumer Products
The Studio Series Mark II S36AWII monitors represent JBL's debut in outdoor sound. These speakers feature a WeatherPlas cone woofer that is coated in polymer cellulose fiber for extra protection. They are quite compact, measuring 14-5/8 in. wide x 10-1/4 in. high x 5 in. deep, and can be mounted on any type of wall or fence. The speakers come with angle-mount screws so you can tilt them downward, allowing for water runoff. What makes these speakers so good is a titanium driver in the tweeter, surrounded by a dome of rigid titanium steel. What you get is clear sound and an accurate reproduction of high frequencies. The speakers retail for $549.99 a pair. For more information, go to

SoundTube Entertainment
For those of you who are ready to make a substantial monetary commitment to your outdoor music, there are the SoundTube XT800 speakers, which retail for $450 each. Shaped like a small outdoor sprinkler, the XT800 uses a patented SoundTube design called ZeroReflection. This is an internal shaping system that looks like a dome. The company believes this to be the best environment for true sound reproduction--meaning tight bass and accurate tone. And everything is encased in a shatterproof shell. What really makes the XT800 a monster is its 8-in. custom woofer--which is big for any speaker. The XT800 also includes what SoundTube calls BroadBeam technology, which distributes sound 360°. You can opt for enclosures in custom colors or go with the people's favorite--Granite Green. Mount the XT800 in the ground or on a wall, fence or pole. For more information, go to

Polk Audio Consumer Products
For something that won't break the bank but will give you an earful of sound, check out Polk's weatherproof Atrium 45 and Atrium 55 speakers. These speakers come in black or white and include a swiveling wall mount, so you can point your music anywhere you please. Also included are metal-coated soft-dome tweeters. The manufacturer says these speakers are resistant to salt-fog, corrosion and water immersion. And to top it all off, the cabinets are sealed with an ultraviolet-protected polymer that can withstand heat up to 175°F. That's for those really hot days in the sun. The Atrium 45s run for $239.90 a pair, the Atrium 55s for $369.90 a pair. For more information, go to

The best thing about StereoStone's outdoor speakers is the natural, realistic design. That's right. These speakers really look like rocks--not plastic, rock-shaped speakers. Of course, the Classic Stone speakers look best where you'd actually find rocks--mixed in with your flowerbed, for example. The Classic Stone includes dual spider woofers, which usually are found only in very high-end speakers. A weather-resistant surround suspension and poly mica cone materials protect them from the elements. If you're worried about someone walking away with your StereoStones, rest easy as there are security hooks embedded in the bottom of the speakers. You can buy the Classic Stone speakers in 100-, 125- and 250-watt versions, which will run you $229.95, $299.95 and $359.95, respectively. For those of you with a green thumb, StereoStone also makes a Hanging Planter speaker that allows you to add live flowers or plants--the speaker is built into the bottom. The loudspeaker in the planter can handle 100 watts and, like the Classic Stone, is completely weatherproof. The planters cost $159.95 each. For more information, go to

Bose Corporation
Bose, adding to its Lifestyle home theater line of speakers, has introduced the 251 "environmental speaker." These use Bose's Articulated Array design, which reproduces sound over a much larger area than the company's other speakers. The Articulated Array features two 2-in. drivers that are angled for wide sound dispersion and one 5-in. woofer in a multichamber bass enclosure. The result is a rich, seriously deep bass (before you crank it up, better make sure you have very nice neighbors). Weather-resistant mounting brackets are included. A pair costs $400 and comes with a 5-year warranty. For information, check out

Paradigm Electronics
Sort of an all-around lifestyle speaker, Paradigm's Stylus Series is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Magnetically shielded and consisting of stainless steel and brass hardware with antirust grilles, the Stylus speakers are protected from the elements by injection-molded polymer enclosures. As for performance, the speakers include titanium dome tweeters and a mineral-filled polypropylene midrange driver for sound that can wake up your barbecue--or give you a kickin' surround sound experience in your living room. The antirust mounting brackets let you rotate the speakers 90°. The Stylus 100 goes for $249 a pair, and the Stylus 350 will run you $549 a pair. Go to for more information.

As you can see, there are many options for a backyard that rocks. And even some rocks that will rock. Now find some space out back, and get your groove on. And save us a cheeseburger!

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